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TS2014 | Re ‘Green Cargo’ repaint of Traxx2 (BR185) available..

Here is a Swedish Re Green Cargo repaint of the Bombardier Traxx2 locomotive (BR185). This repaint was an idea of an enthousiastic user of my repaints who lives in Sweden. Thomas was an actual testdriver on this loc and has helped me in creating the best possible result.

This repaint is based on Amicitreni’s BR185. You need to have the BR185 Pack V2.1 installed first before installing this repaint.

The pack contains 6 versions: Re 1423, Re 1423 weathered, Re 1423 snow weathered, Re 1436, Re 1436 weathered,1436 snow weathered and includes an installation manual. You can download the pack below..

Download the Re Green Cargo Repaint Pack here!

Download the Re Green Cargo Repaint Pack here!

* NEW* – ME146 cab conversion pack:

If you like this repaint you are free to donate a small amount by clicking the button on the right. This way I can hopefully recover some of the expenses I make keeping this site up and buying add-ons :-) THANK YOU!

Re Green Cargo on Freiberg Route by Thomas Johanssen

Re Green Cargo on Freiberg Route by Thomas Johansson

Re Green Cargo on Freiberg Route by Thomas Johanssen

Re Green Cargo on Freiberg Route by Thomas Johansson

Some pictures of the locomotives can be found <HERE>.

  2 comments for “TS2014 | Re ‘Green Cargo’ repaint of Traxx2 (BR185) available..

  1. ADDE
    15/01/2014 at 8:04 PM

    Hello! You made an awesome repaint of the locomotive!

    Do you want to make more repaints of BR185 and ES64U2? I would like to see some very nice Hector rail repaints in this quality of theese. That would be much appreciated.

    • Paul Mersel
      15/01/2014 at 9:43 PM

      Hi Adde! Thank you!

      I have the Hector version planned and also some Taurus repaints. Check this site and for info on progress.


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