Frequently Asked Questions | RABe 511


ZUB shows wrong information..

The ZUB system is an emulation that is strongly dependent on route information like track speed and signalling. There are no ZUB magnets on any of the current Swiss routes (dd. Jan 2017). This means that the ZUB display is not always working correctly.

I found a bug! Where can I report it?

Please use the help desk system that is accessible by clicking the green SUPPORT tab on the bottom of this TrainworX website. A ticket will be created and you will receive an answer within 24hrs.

Will there be an update?

If users find (a) major bug(s) after first release I might make a patch to fix that/those issue(s). Smaller bugs and ‘nice-to-haves’ will be collected and taken into account when deciding on an update later. Things like alternate liveries and colors and.or weathering might be done in a future update too.

The installer does not work. It does not recognize my Trainsimulator folder..

If you get the message: “RailWorks does not seem to be installed.Please install Railworks first and try again or run the Railworks registry tool…”, chances are that you have an a-typical TS installation where Windows did not correctly update your registry or, for instance, you moved your Railworks folder after initial installation.

To fix this, run a registry fixer (RegDetectandFix). Try to run the installer again after this.

Sometimes the auto-lights don’t work correctly..

Although I have tried to catch all situations there can be corner-cases where the train does not correctly set the lights for you. You can override the auto setting by pushing the green ‘manual lights on’ switch.

After doing this ‘Dienstbeleuchtung’ (Service lights) will be active. You can switch to ‘Lokzug’ (Train lights) and manually switch front lights on/off. Pressing the red ‘Manual lights off’ button sets the auto lights again.

NOTE: The auto system is also depending on which cab you are in so in some cases you need to try going in-and-out of the cabs to fix the auto setting of the lights.

My train doesn’t move!

If you have troubles to get moving please refer to the manual before raising a helpdesk ticket.

TwX trains have a high reality factor. Therefore it might be needed to perform some operations (sometimes in a specific order) to get things ready for operation. These operations are mentioned in the manual and ‘how to’ videos.

Links to the manuals and videos can be found on the product pages.