Frequently Asked Questions | Re 420


Reverser is stuck in ‘forward’ position at startup..

If you experience problems with the controls check if your Driving Controls are set to: ‘Expert Mode’.

All TwX add-ons need Expert Mode Controls to properly function.

The installer does not work. It does not recognize my Trainsimulator folder..

If you get the message: “RailWorks does not seem to be installed.Please install Railworks first and try again or run the Railworks registry tool…”, chances are that you have an a-typical TS installation where Windows did not correctly update your registry or, for instance, you moved your Railworks folder after initial installation.

To fix this, run a registry fixer (RegDetectandFix). Try to run the installer again after this.

My train doesn’t move!

If you have troubles to get moving please refer to the manual before raising a helpdesk ticket.

TwX trains have a high reality factor. Therefore it might be needed to perform some operations (sometimes in a specific order) to get things ready for operation. These operations are mentioned in the manual and ‘how to’ videos.

Links to the manuals and videos can be found on the product pages.


The regulator acts weird..

On the Re 420 (and 620) the power is controlled by a ‘Stufenschalter’ (Stepswitch). This means that when you move the regulator forward, the Stufenschalter will switch up to higher power up to a certain level. So holding the switch in position + or ++ will ramp the power up to maximum. Try moving the switch back to ‘0’ (Zero) after 4 or 5 steps (you can easily hear them) or look at the amps go to 400 or so. The engine will still accelerate because the power is set at that step.

‘M’ switches one-by-one and you have more fine control using that one. + and ++ must only be used when you really need a lot of power to accelerate a heavy train.