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Gotthard Panoramic Route (GPR) for TS2017



Dear Swiss railfans,

We are very happy to be able to share a wonderful Swiss route with you: The Gotthard Panoramic Route.

The route

This route was created by Fredi Stierli. The route is an almost exact copy of the ‘Gotthard Nord-rampe’ with added fictional content like the tracks on the east-side of the valley which makes the route circular. It is important to state that this route consists almost entirely of both payware and freeware assets from other routes and asset-packs but manages to completely grasp the feeling of the Gotthard Valley. The route is freeware but please note that you need a lot of payware to be able to drive on it.

To be able to use this route you need to do a lot of preparations. Firstly you need to check which payware routes you need and, if necessary, buy them. Then you need to download and install some freeware routes and assets too. It is crucial that you follow all the steps below and check your system requirements.

PC requirements

This route is very heavy on resources. We suggest that, for good operation, you have an intel i5 minimum (i7 is better) processor and a high end graphics card (GTX 760 or better) with a minimum of 8 Gb free RAM memory. Lowering your graphics settings (please consult the manual) in the game might be necessary to ensure smooth operation. Please keep Scenery density at maximum to avoid disappearing objects. See suggested graphics settings HERE.


This route is freeware and highly detailed. This means that there will be bugs and/or errors in early versions. We did a lot of testing and debugging to make sure we have a release-worthy route but please be understanding and give us time to improve over the first couple of months. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions please send an email to gprsupport(at)trainworx.nl.


Before writing us an email please make sure you followed the installation manual and ascertain that you indeed have all needed assets installed. Furthermore you can find answers to frequently asked questions HERE.


  1. The download location for the Xartix Shimms needed for the GPR scenarios has gone offline. Download the wagons HERE
  2. The download location for the Pierre G Remms Wagons has gone offline. Download the wagons HERE

Route Asset requirements

GPR needed routes (assetslist)

This is a complete list of payware and freeware assets needed for the Gotthard Panoramic Route for TS 2016
DTG Cologne-Koblenzhttps://train-simulator.com/shop/west-rhine-cologne-koblenz-route-add-on/Payware
RSC Hamburg-Hanoverhttps://train-simulator.com/shop/hamburg-hanover/Payware
RSC Munich-Augsburghttps://train-simulator.com/shop/munich-augsburg/Payware
RSC Munich-Garmischhttps://train-simulator.com/shop/munich-garmisch-partenkirchen/Payware
RSC Liverpool-Manchesterhttps://train-simulator.com/shop/liverpool-manchester/Payware
RSC Ruhr-Sieg Linehttps://train-simulator.com/shop/ruhr-sieg-line/Payware
Justtrains 3 Country Corner Routehttps://www.justtrains.net/product/three-country-corner-route-downloadPayware
Simtrain SBB route 1https://www.simtrain.ch/pi/SBB-Route-1.htmlPayware
Vizzart Rurtalbahnhttps://www.eisenbahndiscount.de/detail/index/sArticle/303Payware
Altenburg-Wildau 3.0https://rail-sim.de/forum/index.php/Thread/18256-Altenburg-Wildau-v3-11/Freeware
SAD Koeblitzer Bergland V3https://www.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=50751&s_design=bahn &shopfilter_category=Train%20Simulation&s_language=germanPayware
3DTrains Scaleroadshttps://www.3dtrains.com/products/rw/scaleroad.shtmlFreeware
3DTrains World-Landscapeshttps://www.3dtrains.com/products/rw/world_landscapes.shtmlFreeware
3DTrains Scenerypackshttps://www.3dtrains.com/products/rw/rural_landscapes.shtmlFreeware

Download PDF

Scenario Rolling Stock requirements

A Scenarios (Freeware and stock from needed Routes)

GPR A scenarios rolling stock (assetslist)

Alex656RotabiliFS_ABZ-MD_RF.binRotabili FS
CWBLS - LotschbergbahnSaadkms Fercam.binSaadKMS (Fercam/Berger)
CWBLS - LotschbergbahnSaadkms Berger.binSaadKMS (Fercam/Berger)
JAWaddsbb460.bin,,,,included with SBB Route 1
KujuRailSimulatorRe460.binRe 460 (AI) NewS
KujuRailSimulatorfsa.binFSA containerwagon pack
PierreGFranceSNCF_Ks_C_bungalow2.binSNCF Ks wagons
PierreGFranceRemms_A_bibloc.binPierre G Remms A wagons
Pierre G Remms B Wagons
PMdesign/TrainworXBLS Engine RepaintsTwX BLS repaints
RedOctoberSUIFreightXas73_We_SBB2.binRedOctoberSUI SBB wagons
RSItaliaAddonSggnss_FS-C20ft_Coda1.binSggnss wagons
RSItaliaBR185_PACKBR185_DB_Railion.binBR185 pack (v2)
RSItaliaAddonMDVE-OLD_1cl.binMDVE pack
RWAustriaSwiss_RailVehiclesECWagen1_alt.binSBB EC Wagen Paket
TrenoNotteAddonMUfd_TEN_sbb_01.binTrenonotte MUfd
xartixRailvehiclesES_Shimms_Transfesa.binDownload from GPR page

B Scenarios (All stock from A Scenarios and some CwX Payware)

GPR B scenarios rolling stock (assetslist)

CreativeworXCwX_RE620RE66_11613_Rot_W.binTwX SBB Re 6/6 - 620 pack
CreativeworXCwX_RE460RE460_091.binTwX SBB Re 460 pack
CreativeworXCwX_RE420RE44_11146_Rot.binTwX SBB Re 4/4 - 420 pack
CreativeworXCwX_SBBFreightSputnik PackTwX SBB Sputnik pack
TTBRailvehiclesVarious German (DB) stock
TTB German rolling stock pack

NOTE : For all QD traffic to show up you need the above including all other CwX SBB/BLS trains and repaints. This is optional.

Download the route here..

Download the route here..