Frequently Asked Questions | GPR


There are many things in this route that should have been done better.

We know 😉

A Quick Drive scenario crashes.

Sometimes, during a quick drive scenario, a collision occurs and the scenario crashes.This has to do with spawning AI consists that are too long or when the timing goes off the expected timing too much. We will try and fix this as much as possible in an update or even bring out patches.

The track on the east side of the valley is not there in reality.

That is correct. This route is semi-fictional. This means that only parts of it are a real copy of the Gotthard Bahn. The east side track makes it a circular route which adds some fun to it.

Catenaries are missing..

On the first release the Swisstraindrivers’s Oberleitung was not included by mistake due to a protected asset issue. A temporary patch was released to fix this. New downloads will include the OL so the patch won’t be needed for downloads after 23-9-2016. You can find patches on the productpage.

When I try to make a scenario the automatic routing does weird things.

There are a lot of problems with switches. Especially crossover switches are not all correctly modelled. This is why some of the routes you might expect are not available. Also your train might unwantingly switch over to the other side of the track and back. There are a lot of markers placed, especially around stations, to fix this problem. Just add the nescessary extra waypoint to make sure the train goes where you want it to go.

Repairing the faulty switches is very difficult or even impossible so that is why we left it like it is.

How do I uninstall the Gotthard Panoramic Route?

NOTE! The uninstaller that came with version 1.01 had reportedly deleted unintended files. Please DO NOT USE the uninstaller! Version 1.02 has no uninstaller to prevent problems.

When you want to uninstall the GPR, please do so manually by deleting the following folders:



Some freeware assets will remain on your system after this. If you want to also remove these please use trainworx utilities.

It takes very long to load a GPR scenario..

Yes, the route used a lot of assets and is not built with a release in mind. This means that a lot of providers are activated and all these assets need to be loaded into your PC’s memory. This can take up to 5 minutes and although the loading screen may seem to freeze it normally completes successfully. Deactivating providers (for expert users) can help but you will be left with missing objects in the route..

Will there be an update?

Maybe, we will first see how this route is received by the community and then, at a later point in time decide if we do an update. In the meantime you are free to alter and/or improve the route yourself and share this with us for release.

Why do I need so many payware and freeware?

Fredi started making this route using whatever assets he had on his system at that time. He was not planning on releasing it. Unfortunately this has resulted in a large number of assets from a large variety of providers. We have slimmed it down somewhat but have to live with how it is now. If we decide on an update we might try to limit the nr. of assets used but right now we have to accept this.

Where can I get this route?

Download the route for free from and get the needed payware and freeware from the links provided.

The scenery objects (houses,stations,bridges etc.) are totally wrong

Yes, that is correct. The route uses (almost) only existing assets from other providers. Having all correct assets made is very time consuming and would make the route payware.

My framerate (FPS) is very low or even freezes

This has to do with your system not being able to load the requested assets/rolling stock fast enough. Try lowering your graphics settings and/or using less system heavy rolling stock. Also see Point 3.

When I start a scenario the game says that there are assets missing

There are a LOT of assets that need to be downloaded which increases the chances of you missing one. Try to find out what is missing and check your folders for missing stock to fix this. Please note that missing route assets (houses/foliage etc.) will not be mentioned when you start a scenario. They will just be missing from the scenery.

Where can I find a list of assets I need?

The complete asset list for both the route and scenarios is on the Route page of

The game crashes all the time.

This can be caused by several things. First of all the route is VERY ‘Asset-Heavy’ which means there are (too) many objects to be drawn from many different providers. This is mainly due to the fact that it is situated in a valley with high mountains which means that you can see a lot of the surroundings at any given time. The high level of detail and visible tracks (and traffic) make this route virtually impossible to play on highest graphics settings. We have provided some info on suggested settings but all depends on the system you are playing the game on, driven consists  and numbers of AI traffic. We are fully aware that this is not an optimal situation but these are the drawbacks from sharing a ‘hobby-built-route’. Also: it is for free.

Some points and signals are incorrectly placed or not working correctly.

Yes, we are sorry for that but we have just not been able to fix some problems with tracks and signaling. If we decide to do an update we may fix some of these issues.