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Re 4/4 (I) in Bellinzona

Re 4/4 (I) in Bellinzona

I was going through some old Video8 material and found a (pretty low quality) video of some beautiful old SBB rolling stock. This video was shot on Tenero, Locarno and Bellinzona Railway stations back in 1989. Back then the Re 4/4 (type I & II) and Re 6/6 were the main engines but some (old) Ae 6/6’s were also still operational. The video even shows a Ce 6/8 (11253) in Bellinzona’s workshop..

If you like the video please give it a ‘thumbs up’ in YouTube so that it becomes easier to find for other Swiss Railway fans.. Enjoy!

Direct Link to YouTube: http://youtu.be/_jkIEg4o_Aw

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