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SBB CFF FFS RABe 511 (Stadler KISS) Project


As most of you already know by now, I have started to build a RABe 511 ‘Stadler KISS’ Doppelstockzug for TS2017. The project was started in March this year and I hope to finish it before the end of 2017.

This train-set is a lot of work and working on it just by myself next to my busy day job and family life, means that progress will go slow at times. Also things like website maintenance, helpdesk tickets and updates of existing add-ons takes constant attention.

The KISS will get a wide variety of functions like ZUB, SIFA (the Swiss type) and Cruise control. It goes without saying that I will try to mimic the real train as good as I can and as far as the game allows, while not over stressing the Kuju game engine.

Work on the ZVV version exterior is now almost completed, although normally I keep doing small adjustments until release. I will also add the grey FV version. The work on the Cab has now started. After (and sometimes during) the work on the cab I will make the scripts and sounds. After all looks good testing will commence and the manuals need to he written. Finally the installer and web shop product need to be created..

I know that a lot of you are waiting for this product. i will do my best to get it available as soon as humanly possible ;-).

Current progress on the RABe 511 project.

ProjectTypeStatusProgressReleased as
75 %

  4 comments for “SBB CFF FFS RABe 511 (Stadler KISS) Project

  1. pasictarik10
    25/11/2017 at 03:21

    Fantastic work so far Paul, keep us updated and hopefully it will be a good Christmas present to conclude 2017. 🙂

    • 26/11/2017 at 21:26

      Thanks! Just sent out a newsletter update 😉

      • Maurer Franz
        15/03/2018 at 10:49

        Hallo Paul

        Jetzt wird es aber spannend = 99% bei RABe 511 Ich lege den Betrag bereits zur Verfügung.
        Danke für Deine Arbeit für uns Schweizer.

        Liebe Grüsse aus dem Zürcher Oberland


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