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TrainworX | Repaints

HVZ (Lion) repaint for vR Dostos

*** SORRY, THIS REPAINT HAS BEEN TAKEN OFFLINE *** A complete new HZV pack will be created and released on ...
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TS2015 | Am843 / Serie317 Repaint Pack for ChrisTrains NS6400 (V2.1)

Kris(120) and I have worked on a set of repaints for ChrisTrains's NS6400 Diesel Loco. Kris has done an amazing ...
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TS2015 | NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) E186 repaint voor RAILSIMit TRAXX F140

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TS2015 | NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) E186 repaint for RAILSIMit TRAXX F140

Klik hier voor Nederlands THIS REPAINT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ...
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TS2015 | MRCE Repaint Pack for DTG BR189

Hi there! I have another Repaint Pack for DTG's BR189. You guys keep coming up with ideas for new repaints ...
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TS2015 | BR189 HSL repaintpack for DTG BR189

Hi there! Something for the Dutch trainsimulatorfans: The BR 189 023-5 and 065-6 HSL loco's. These are used on the ...
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TS2015 | Railion/DB Cargo repaint pack for DTG BR189

Hello! I made some new repaints for DTG's BR189 engine. I think some of these are already done by other ...
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TS2015 | Hectorrail repaint for DTG BR189

Hello! Another repaint from CreativeworX. The Hectorrail 441 series (BR189) in 2 versions; Cyborg and Croft. The repaint is based ...
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TS2015 | BR185 ‘Rush-Rail’ Repaint for RSItalia BR185

Another request: The Rush-Rail 185 'Seven Dwarfs' 185 series of Sweden. These engines are used to haul timber through Sweden ...
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TS2015 | Canadian Pacific repaint pack for DTG ES44AC

Hi! Someone asked me if I could do some weathering on the CP ES44AC Engine. I put 3 versions in ...
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TS2015 | BR185 – ‘Metronom’ cab conversion (BR101 to ME146)

RSItalia's BR185 is a very nice looking loco using Kuju's BR101 cab. With RSC's release of the Metronom (ME146Pack) a ...
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TS2014 | Re ‘Green Cargo’ repaint of Traxx2 (BR185)

Here is a Swedish Re Green Cargo repaint of the Bombardier Traxx2 locomotive (BR185). This repaint was an idea of ...
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TS2014 | Wagner-Verdi repaint for HRQ’s ES64U4

Hello, Another special request: The Wagner-Verdi Taurus (ES64U4) repaint. You need to have HRQ's Taurus pack installed before this repaint ...
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TS2014 | HKX repaint for RSC ES64U2

Hi There, Some people asked me if I could make the HKX repaints that I made for HRQ's Taurus also ...
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TS2014 | DTG BR223 ‘Alex’ pack repaint

Hello! As promised: The Arriva Länderbahn Express repaint pack! This pack contains: - Repaints of RSC's ER20 in 4 versions ...
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TS2014 | RE482 SBB Cargo Repaint Pack

On special request: The RE482 SBB Cargo Repaint Pack! Download the repaintfiles <HERE> Go to the <ALBUM> Please note that ...
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TS2014 | RE482 SBB Cargo repaint pack

On special request: The RE482 SBB Cargo Repaint Pack! Download the repaintfiles <HERE> Go to the <ALBUM> Please note that ...
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TS2015 |HKX repaint pack (HRQ Taurus)

It's finally ready! The HKX (Hamburg-Köln-Express) repaint pack! I have updated the ES64U2 and added 036 to the already available ...
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Siemens ES64U2 HKX Dispolok (HRQ) repaint available for download..

Hello! In sequence to the MRCE lok I have created the HKX Dispolok. PLEASE NOTE: Please go HERE for the updated ...
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MRCE Taurus repaint (HRQ Siemens ES64U2)

On special request: The Siemens ES64U2 'Taurus' MRCE Dispolok! The pack contains a clean and a weathered version of this ...
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TS2015 | BLS Cargo RE485 repaint Pack

Hello, I have added another RE485 repaint to my BLS Cargo collection and updated the first 2 versions (cabnrs./weathering/small details) ...
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BLS Cargo RE485 ‘Die Alpinisten’ available for download..

After the 'Connecting Europe' repaint I could not resist making the 'Die Alpinisten' version too 😉 Download the pack containing ...
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BLS Cargo RE485 repaint available for download

Hi there, I have finished the repaint of Amicitreni's BR185 into BLS Cargo colors. You need the BR185 Pack v2.0 ...
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Taurus ES64U4 ‘BLS Cargo’ available for download

Hello, Via the link below you can download my BLS repaint of HRQ's Taurus. The file contains the .rwp package ...
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TS2013 | RE460 SBB Werbelok ‘Märklin’ now available for download

Hi there! I felt like making another repaint. Simtrain still has not come back to me on my request for ...
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TS2013 | SBB RE460 ‘Zugkraft Aargau’ available for download

Here is another RE460 reskin. Using newS's RE460 I have repainted the loco in Zugkraft Aargau colors. You can download ...
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TS2013 | SBB RE460 ‘Die Post 1902-2002’ available for download..

My first repaint 'on request'! Someone on the rail-sim.de forum asked me if I could do a Swiss PTT locomotive ...
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TS2013 | SBB RE460 ‘Thales’ available for download

My newest RE460 reskin is now available! It's the 'Thales' version of the SBB RE460. You can download the .rwp ...
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TS2013 | SBB RE460 ‘Alptransit’ available for download

My 2nd repaint of an RE460. This time with the 'Alptransit' livery. I could not find the right highres artwork ...
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TS2013 | SBB RE460 ‘Tilsiter’ available for download

I have reskinned an SBB RE460 Locomotive based on Siberian Tigers & newS model. The packaged model can be downloaded ...
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  7 comments for “TrainworX | Repaints

  1. John
    24/09/2016 at 18:54


    I forgot – when I placed my order for GPR – to say THANK YOU to all concerned for this very fine gift. 🙁

    So I’ll do it now… THANK YOU !!! 🙂

    John M

  2. mokum
    25/10/2016 at 02:29

    Hallo van Klaas , kun je een repaint doen voor DB br 189 of 186 met Andre Rieu .

    • 11/11/2016 at 10:15

      Dear Klaas,

      I will not do any more repaints. Maybe someone in the forums can do it for you.

      Kind regards,

  3. Bryan
    05/11/2016 at 19:29

    Hoy Paul kom je volgende week weer een keer naar de train sim club dag van 12 nov
    Als je tijd vrij kunt maken zie misschien op de club dag

    • 11/11/2016 at 10:18

      Beste Bryan,

      Ik ben gestopt met het maken van repaints, ik besteed al mijn tijd aan nieuwe producten. Ik weet nog niet of ik naar de clubdag kan komen. Als ik tijd heb kom ik even langs.


  4. Bryan
    08/11/2016 at 02:46

    Hallo Paul wat het idee van Klaas over repaints heb ik misschien ook een idee voor een repaint een Traxx 3 van Ferrotramviaria 483 of een ES64U2 der Hector Rail Wand die heb je in een BR 189 al een keer gemaakt of een 1216 LTE als je as zaterdag tijd vrij kan maken laat ik je de Foto’s zien welk ik bedoel groeten Bryan

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