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SBB CFF FFS Re 460 for Trainsimulator 2016


The Re 460 are important bo-bo, electric locomotives of the SBB-CFF-FFS, which are used widely all over Switzerland. There are 119 made and still operational..

This Add-On for Trainsimulator 2016 contains reproductions of this beautiful engine including cab and working controls. GO TO SHOP!

Re 460 Platinum Edition:

This pack includes 11 versions of the Re 460:

  • Re 460 014
  • Re 460 024
  • Re 460 066
  • Re 460 083
  • Re 460 091 (incl. FP and TR)
  • Re 460 098
  • Re 460 102
  • Re 460 105
  • Re 460 118 (incl. FP and TR)
  • Re 465 011
  • Re 465 012 (incl. FP and TR)

The 460 091 , 460 118 and 465 012 are also available as IA traffic with front panto raised (FP) and as trailing (2nd) engine (TR). This can be used in scenarios when the engine is part of a double traction consist. These versions have different pantograph and light settings to ensure correct behavior in game.

Special functions:

– Working ZUB (AWS)

– Wachsamkeitskontrolle (Swiss SIFA)

– PMS brakes

– V-soll

– Parkingmode

– Full wiper control

– Full pantograph control

– Customized lighting (OFF-AUTO-MANUAL)

– Real Re 460 sound

– Manoever mode (Shunting)

– Driver

– Pantograph arcing (Winter/Switchable)

Bugs and Patches


Version 1.1 (current version):


  • Vsoll script improved
  • Improved Cab details
  • Fixed ETCS jitter on low graphics settings
  • Fixed issues with cab change
  • Physics Re 465 added
  • Taillights color improved
  • Sensitivity Vsoll keys heightened

I will now first move on to the next project (Re 421). After that I will make an update for the Re 460 with some new skins and Scandinavian versions.


Some of the questions I have received:

The high beam does not work

  • Change lights to manual before switching on the highbeam (Scheinwerfer)

I cannot reset after an emergencybrake

  • Depending on the type of E-brake the reset can ultimately be done by pressing the (red) E-brake reset button on the left control arm.

The ETCS screen is flickering all the time

  • Set graphics to ‘High’ or ‘Highest’ or at least set Anti Aliasing to MSAA. Fixed in version 1.1

The Vsoll and or regulator causes strange behavior

  • When the Vsoll is at zero the speed will be limited to 1kmh (Coupling)
  • To drive without Vsoll set it to 200 kmh
  • When driving the engine without wagons the Vsoll does not react well (to fierce). Fixed in version 1.1


If you have any more questions or want to report a bug please click the green tab on the right side of this webpage to create a ticket.


Tutorial 1 – Basics

Tutorial 2 – Security systems

Tutorial 3 – Lights

Please download an easy step-by-step quick guide and manual below:

Quick guides: Quick Guide English (PDF) / Kurz Anleitung Deutsch (PDF)

Manuals:  English (PDF) / Deutsch (PDF)

  5 comments for “SBB CFF FFS Re 460 for Trainsimulator 2016

  1. Luca
    12/10/2015 at 23:16

    What a fantastic loco you build ther! It drives so nice and the sound is just perfect.
    The only problem i’ve got is that i can’t use it with my RailDriver. Is this a bug or some local problems because with your 420 it works.

  2. 13/10/2015 at 00:36

    Hi Luca,

    Thank you! I have not tried it using the RailDriver yet. Virtualy everything is scripted so that could influence the RD interface.

    I would have to do some testing myself before being able to help you out. Maybe the update will fix it but if not it might be difficult to get it compatible.

    Kindest regards,

    • Andreas
      29/12/2015 at 20:24

      Hallo, nachdem ich den Installer ausgeführt habe, kann ich aber die neue Lokomotive nicht in der Liste finden. Welches Verzeichnis für die Installation muss beim Installer ausgewählt werden?
      Grüsse aus der Schweiz.

      • 31/12/2015 at 15:11

        Hi Andreas, I believe you have already submitted a ticket for this but normally, after installation, the Re 421’s should be visible in the QD editor (search for ‘421’) and pickable in the scenario editor after activation of the CreativeworX assets.
        The installer looks for your Trainsimulator folder (reads the registry) and automatically installs the assets in the CreativeworX assets folder.

        Hope you get it to work.


  3. Paul Mersel
    29/09/2016 at 11:58

    Hi Pascal,

    It will be available soon. The GPR has been a lot of work.

    Kindest regards,
    Paul Mersel

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