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The SBB Re 460 Project | Part 3

Dear SBB fans,

I have done a lot of work during the last weeks. Most of the work is ‘invisible’ scripting so there were no interesting updates for a while.

Re 460 by CreativeworX

Re 460 by CreativeworX

Some of the work that has been done:

– Lighting script

– Tempomat (V-soll)

– Speedometers (incl. ETCS screen)

– Various warning lights (Dynamic brake warning, Brakelight, PMS brake lights etc.)

– PMS brakes (amimation and scripting)

– Startup sequence (Key -> Panto -> Auto main on)

Re 460 Cabview (WIP)

Re 460 Cabview (WIP)

Still to be done:

– Sound

– Sicherheits Steurerung (SIFA)


– ETCS screen additions

– Wipers/Raindrops

– New Pantos

– Cab mirrors

– A lot of other stuff…

I did a short testdrive from Pfaeffikon to Sargans which you can see below. I am aware of the things that are not right yet. It will be right in the end ;-).

Release date is difficult to say but I am aiming for Oktober 2015…


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