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The SBB Re 460 Project | Part 5

Dear Trainfans,

The Re 460 Project is now almost complete. What is left is mainly testing and tweaking of general physics and sound. If all goes well and no major bugs are found only testing compatibility with TS16 has to be done. I expect no problems there because there seem to be no real changes in the main software engine (Kuju). On the other hand you never know…

Right now the following 8 versions are planned for the Platinum Pack:

460 014 (AIR14), 460 024 (Zugkraft Aargau), 460 066 (Finse), 460 083 (COOP), 460 091 (Werdenberg), 460 105 (VSLF), 460 118 (Gottardo) and the BLS 012.

Special Double Traction AI versions will be included too.

The engine will have a lot of scripting to get a good simulation. This makes it not the easiest to drive. I have added a built in startup procedure bypass to make the engine ready for driving with only one key combination. Although this shortcut bypasses about 10 startup steps you would normally have to do to get moving, driving it using the Vsoll still takes some getting used to. The ‘power’ handle and ‘Vsoll’ handle always work together. It is not like AFB. If you don’t set enough power it will not reach the set Vsoll speed. If you give full power on low Vsoll speeds the ride will not be as smooth.. This engine will need your driving skills.

The below video is made to give you an idea of the sound (although the capturing on my end and playback on your device will never give a 100% accurate representation). I am still doing small tweaks but it in general it is correct. All sound recordings were made by myself with the help of some Swiss friends on the actual Re 460.

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