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TS 2019 compatibility

Dear customers,

TS2019 will be released any time now. It will be 64-bit so we all hope that memory dump errors will become a thing of the past and maybe even get better performance out of all existing add-ons. Although all 32-bit add-ons should keep working fine in the 64-bit game, I unfortunately can only be completely sure after the launch because I have not been issued a beta or pre-release version of the game.

One thing that most likely causes an issue is part of my lua scripts that interact with the Windows Program Files folder. To fix this (possible) issue, I have created a small tool:

TS2019 License Message Fix

Any other issues that might arise will be dealt with accordingly. All installers will need to be updated to cater for the above issue and possible other issues that might arise. I that case I ask of you to bear with me until I have fixed your add-ons to run smoothly in the TS2019 game.

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  1. jeanclaude.sigg
    19/01/2019 at 09:18

    SBB CFF FFS IC 2000 Trainset for TS2018 (v1.1) does not work with TS2019 ?

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