TS2014 | The Re 6/6 Project – Part 6

Hi there! Here is another update on my (long) project. Did some work on the cabcontrols. First I managed to separate the wipercontrols. Now the left knob controls the left wiper and the right knob the right wiper (obviously :-)). For some reason I cannot switch them off again (??) , just another of those weird things that TS throws at me. Haven’t been working at the rain effect yet. The high beam (Fernlicht) is also programmed now and I started on the AWS system. I took a wild guess that Zugsicherung is just that.. I really need to visit Erstfeld and speak to a RE 6/6 driver to get all the details right.. Anyway; the switch works and the warning light comes on. Some other switches are now illuminated and the meters are visible and working although I need to tweak the Loco characteristics (files with numbers :-p) to get the right readings.

Made a quick video again to show you the status. Hope you like it!

Direct link to YouTube: http://youtu.be/fJrSgX2Olcw

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