TS2014 | The Re 6/6 Project – Part 7

Hello to all you Train(sim)fans! I have been too busy for a while to do any work on the Re 6/6. But I did make some progress :-). First I managed to get the lights working as they should, or at least I think so.. It is still very hard to get good info on the controls of the Re 6/6. A lot is in books and on the www but I need to talk to a SBB driver for the details. I am in contact with both the SBB and the ‘Freunde der Re 6/6’ club. But still no access to the correct info so I just go with what I got now..

The Re 6/6 at Traumdorf Station (Swiss Fantasyland)

The Re 6/6 at Traumdorf Station (Swiss Fantasyland)

I needed to do lua scripting for the lights and got some very nice help from Chris Longhust on that. He is a big help whenever I get stuck with one of the many things that need to be done. The taillights are operated by 3 switches in the cab and that goes way outside standard TS functionality. I am still fiddling with it to get the lighting correct when wagons are attached but I ‘m getting close.

Another thing is the AWS or Zugbeeinflussung. Figuring out how that works in the Re 6/6 cab was a challenge. I think I understand now. I only need to correct the ‘Meldelampe’ which is now just red. It needs to start yellow (warning) and turn red when the emergency brake is activated.

Re 6/6 Cab (WIP)

Re 6/6 Cab (WIP)

The doors were another puzzle to me.. 3 lights/buttons, 2 yellow, one red. I think the yellow ones are actually operating (opening) the doors on either side and the red is just a light that shows the doors are open.. If anyone knows better please let me know! The switch needs to be continuously pressed to keep the doors open (I think) so checking if the doors are really open on the outside is impossible! The sound indicates that it works though…

The work now slowly progresses into sounds and then texturing (for real). Especially the sounds are a bit of a concern to me because it seems very complicated and I don’t have the correct Re 6/6 sounds.. I do have some videos where I can rip some of the sounds but especially cab sounds are difficult to find. Again; a visit to the real thing would be ideal..

Although I started out with the MSTS model of Peter Hanslip, not much is left of that original model.. It has a completely new cab and I am thinking of remapping all textures because the way it is done now is not helping me to make a nice paintjob. Than only the main body is still Peter’s.

Anyway: A lot of hard work has been done and I think I am at about 80% ready now which would mean release in 2 or 3 months..

Please take a look at the video and I would be very happy if you watch to the end and give it a ‘thumbs up’ :-). That way YouTube ranks it higher and more fans are reached. Comments are also always appreciated (obviously only when they are positive.. hahaha!)

Direct link to YouTube : http://youtu.be/gbVLgh-8_DA

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