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TS2015 | Am843 / Serie317 Repaint Pack for ChrisTrains NS6400 (V2.1)

new-and-improvedKris(120) and I have worked on a set of repaints for ChrisTrains’s NS6400 Diesel Loco. Kris has done an amazing job on the cabview textures and I mainly did the outside textures. There are now 6 versions in the pack (V2.1):

Am 843 BLS, Am 843 SBB Cargo, Am 843 SBB CFF FFS, Am 843 SERSA, Am 843 Infra and Serie 317 COMSA. The Am 843/Serie 317 is not identical to the NS 6400 but it comes pretty close.


To be able to use these repaints you need to have the latest version of ChrisTrains’s NS 6400 installed. Please visit www.christrains.com.

You can download the repaints via the SHOP. The zip file contains an installer and installation manuals.

Want to see some screenshots? Please go to the <ALBUM>

Kris and I would like to give special thanks to Chris Longhurst who has been a great help in creating this pack and Lemaster121, our CET (Chief Executive of Testing ;-)). Thanx Chris and Lemaster121!

* NOW AVAILABLE ON RAIL-SIM.DE: 120’s enhanced cabviews for NS 6400. Download <HERE> .

Am 843 Repaint Pack V2

Am 843 Repaint Pack V2

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  2 comments for “TS2015 | Am843 / Serie317 Repaint Pack for ChrisTrains NS6400 (V2.1)

  1. pasictarik10
    17/12/2015 at 22:37

    Hi, I just wanted to know if the Swiss repaints of the NS6400 are available in AI traffic and if there is dynamic numbering.

    • 17/12/2015 at 22:51


      You can use them as AI traffic and I think some have dynamic numbering (can’t remember exactly ;-)).


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